Let Me Introduce You To Nick James. He Is 46 Years Old, Married And Has Two Grown Up Children.

In Fact, You Could Say He Is Just An Average Kind Of Guy

… But What He Stumbled Across By Accident Nearly TWENTY YEARS AGO Is Anything But Average.

It’s A Proven Way Of Making Money From Home Which No One Else Is Talking About... That Anyone Can Do Without Prior Personal Experience Or Skills, Or Much Time....

Yet He Is Still Banking $30,000 - $40,000 EVERY SINGLE MONTH!

It takes Nick around 1 hour a day to do this, just 2 or 3 days a week.

If you’d like, he can show YOU what he does to make this kind of money 'from scratch' in exactly the same way too.

Imagine for a moment… What if you only made 10% of what he is making each month… How much of a difference would that make to your life?... To have an extra few thousand dollars coming in each and every month? 

Especially if it only took an hour or so a day to generate.

Hello again,

I guarantee that in the next few minutes you'll know one of the easiest ways on the planet to make CONSISTENT PROFITS, working around 1- 2 hours a day, 3 or 4 days a week.

In fact, as you’re about to discover, I have even come up with a way for you to try this out for yourself at home, completely WITHOUT RISK!

But let me make one thing absolutely clear from the start:

This is NOT a silly get rich quick scheme … it's NOT MLM … it’s NOT gambling … telesales or stuffing and mailing envelopes… it’s NOT anything to do with Amazon or eBay... and it’s certainly NOT anything to do with trading the stock markets, Forex, Crypto or buying and selling Bitcoin.

It's a proven, really simple and genuine way for you to secure your financial future with relatively little effort.

In fact, if you can't copy what Nick does and make money from this (no matter what your current position), then I'll be absolutely amazed. 

Let's look at some of Nick's real results;

The 1st time he tried this he banked: $ 35,959.38

The 2nd time he tried this he banked: $ 87,214.93

The 3rd time he tried this he banked: $324,267.98

The 4th time he tried this he banked: $727,977.14

And the last time he tried this he banked: $1,416,433.34

Which is why, even if you were absolutely terrible at this, I genuinely believe you could still make a few thousand dollars each month with what you're about to discover.

Indeed, it's just a matter of following a simple set of instructions that Nick will provide … instructions that are so straightforward it's actually really difficult to see how you could go wrong.

This Is The Breakthrough You've Been Dreaming Of... I Can't Imagine Anyone Not Making A Great Deal Of Money From This...

But before I reveal this profitable method to you, I think I should very quickly let you know how Nick originally came across this.

Nick admits he made the mistake of hearing about this way of making money quite a few years before he actually started using it himself. 

He went to a talk given by a little-known but very successful self-made millionaire. A man who leads the kind of extraordinary lifestyle to which so many aspire. 

The keynote speaker was talking about something called Product Licensing and he literally introduced Nick to a totally new way of making money, which so few people, even today, really know about, or talk about.

It involved licensing and distributing simple information-based products over the Internet and through the post but not in a way in which you would first expect... 

But nevertheless, it was a business that was capable of generating several thousand dollars of profit per month for anyone wanting to run this type of business from home in their spare time.

... Absolutely flawless in your approach to people, a true deliverer of value added service. There is much talk of win-win situations, this happens to be one of them...

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Denzil Durke

He found it to be the key to how a select group of successful individuals were making huge amounts of money in the information publishing business, in the shortest amount of time. 

By the way, this is the one thing NOT mentioned in all the various How-To type products you've previously been offered or seen advertised.

By the end of the talk given by this self-made millionaire, Nick was understandably extremely excited, but ashamedly he admits that he wound up doing absolutely nothing about licensing whatsoever… 

… Which looking back now he admits cost him $Millions of dollars in lost income, which he could easily have had.

Nick says at the time he was too busy struggling... struggling to keep his full-time job and trying to create his own products to sell online.

"... If people use this information, they should be able to move forward quickly..."

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Sylia Berrill

He was really focussed on this being the way for him to make money in his spare time and though he understood the licensing concept, he was still thinking that his success lay in creating products himself. 

The fact is, Nick had missed the point entirely.

And it would appear he was not the only one!...

We now need to fast-forward two years, until Nick heard the same guy talking about product licensing once again.

For some reason, when he heard about this the second time around, it just all 'clicked' into place. 

It finally dawned on him just what this millionaire was really saying. 

Nick realised that licensing provides a powerful way to make a great living WITHOUT ever having to create your own products at all. 

And I'm talking about high quality PROVEN information products here ... digitally downloadable PDFs ... Videos... Manuals... Home Study Courses... Membership sites... Podcasts... Software Programs... (I'm NOT talking about those poor-quality PLR articles and eBook offers), ... real solid products including brand name products created by experts in their field.

Nick says “I don't know why, but an 'imaginary light bulb' above my head just suddenly started shining very brightly...”

So much so, that just a few months after attending this second seminar in London, Product Licensing had turned Nick's small one-man business, into one of the largest home-based product licensing and on demand-publishing businesses in the country.

The Day You Receive A Licensing Package You Have Everything You Need To Make Major Profits...

Because so few people really know about product licensing, they presume that it must be extremely complex or difficult. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. It's a very simple and quick method of getting into profit. In fact, to all intents and purposes, each product you receive the license to, is like owning another instant ready-made business.

In a moment I'll tell you how you can get into this lucrative business, how you can source a virtually limitless supply of really top-quality information products and how you can even receive a total of three excellent information product licenses completely FREE (Complete with all the marketing materials you will ever need to promote them).

But first, let me very briefly just explain the idea behind information licensing.

From the huge number of products that exist in the marketplace, you invest with the product owner a modest amount of money for a ‘license’. 

And by the way, I do mean a modest amount because there are several types of licenses you can obtain, some of which you'll discover are very inexpensive.

In return, the owner of the information product allows you to make as many copies of the product as you like. You can then sell them at full retail price and keep all the money. In short, you get the license to keep 100% of the profits. 

No royalties ... No big license fee ... No commissions to pay.

For example, one of the first licenses Nick bought was for a product which he could sell through the post for $169. In other words, for a very reasonable amount of money Nick was able to get a superb high-profit information product, all ready to go.

He got master artwork for the manual, the audio-recordings, the sales letter, the advertising material, the marketing idea ... the works! 

The day Nick got his licensing package he was literally in business ... all the hard work had already been done for him. All he had to do was roll it out.

And a major benefit with these types of quality ready-made products is that they tend to have extremely high mark-ups. So you don't need to sell many copies to make a really good return. 

For example, just 150 sales of this $169 product would generate $28,711. Imagine that. Over TWENTY GRAND for just a paltry 150 sales that you can do in a few days...

Of course you could go ahead and create such products yourself, but that's the hard way to make money in the information publishing business. 

After all, how long would it take you to create such a product? 

Do you really want to do it anyway? 

Can you write powerful sales copy?

Even if you only produce a report or manual, do you honestly want to sit down, research the subject matter and spend maybe weeks creating it? 

Not to mention testing all the various components in the offer (such as advertisement copy, advertisement placement, sales copy, price etc).

Wouldn't you prefer to take a huge shortcut and ... Do absolutely nothing whatsoever to produce, or even test, the product? Obtain a license and instantly having a business that literally comes ready-made?

Market a product which has already proven itself to make money? Complete with advertisements and sales materials, which have already been tested.

To me, this is THE SMART WAY to make money.

In the time it takes you to create, research and produce just ONE information product, you could have 10 really great products on the go, each earning you real money.

There's just no comparison.

Wow Nick, a real eye-opener… Thank you for the chance to return home with so much information and so many brilliant ideas

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Nikky J Barrett

This Could Be The Best Kept Simple Money Making Secret In The World Today

"Thanks for the profits from the licensing business, we and have just moved to a new luxury home in the UK Hampshire countryside. Here's a snap of me 'working' poolside in the sunshine." Nick James

I just can't imagine anyone who couldn't make a great deal of money from licensing.

It truly is just about the best kept money making secret in the home based business world today.

However, the problem for most people starting out is that they don't know how to get started, or where, or how to get a hold of the really great ready-made products they can license.

Individuals Are Happily Paying Over $1,000 Per HOUR To Be Taught This…

These days Nick makes so much money from product licensing that individuals all over the world are offering to pay him a good portion of the revenue that his methods generate, if he’ll just agree to help them get started.

And his private clients are paying him around $1,000+ PER HOUR for his personal tuition and consultation.

Why are people so eager and willing to pay such high prices?  Simply because, in just a few hours, he can show them how to make amazing profits online, in a way that no one else can (For example, one of his private clients recently released a licensed product and generated $5,815 in the first five days his offer was live on the internet).

Now, that’s obviously good news for those few who can afford it, but for most people, Nick’s system is just way out of their reach financially.  

And even if they did have the money, today they’d probably be disappointed anyway because he very rarely consults with new clients anymore.

If the idea of learning ‘one-to-one’ doesn’t interest you, the only other way to learn about licensing from him directly is to attend one of his exclusive live workshops which he privately hosts once or twice a year.

But… at between $5,000-$8,000 a seat … once again, these live workshops are often beyond the financial reach of most individuals. 

Besides, you’d probably have to wait at least six months or possibly longer for the next one, even if you could get in, because these opportunities are just so rare. There’s only one or two a year. That’s it.

And because he restricts the release of any kind of recordings of these private workshops (to stop the information being released to the general public), I doubt you will be able to find any video / audio recordings online either.

All of which would leave you thinking how ‘typical’ it was to have finally discovered a simple way of making money (with the potential to make tens of thousands of dollars per month), but then only to be denied access to that information because of the cost of accessing the training. 

Ordinarily, this would indeed be frustrating… If it wasn’t for something that Nick decided to create a few months ago, which he has only just told me and a small group of his other past students about.

Introducing: The Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course

I discovered that unbeknown to most people who have heard of Nick’s online success, that he recently took the time during the global pandemic to write down the complete procedure of his entire Product Licensing Formula. 

He did this with the sole intention of creating a step-by-step training package which he could provide to his private coaching clients and marketing partners during his exclusive live workshops. 

I suppose, for want of another description, you could also describe what he created as being a stand-alone home study course that takes you through the entire process from start to finish.

A few days ago, as one of Nick’s marketing partners, I was lucky enough to receive a preview copy of this brand new home study course directly from Nick and I must say, I found it very, very exciting (understatement). 

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can also get access to this remarkable home study course for yourself… and how you could also begin making big money with this proven Product Licensing Formula for yourself too.

But first I thought I should answer a question that might be on the ‘tip of your tongue’ and that’s 

“Why would Nick do this?...”

After all, is he not simply creating competition for himself?


If you understood this business (as you will), you wouldn't actually even ask that, because the information publishing and licensing business is just so incredibly huge ... and it's getting bigger by the day. 

For example, the self-education industry alone generates almost a $Billion of sales each and every day according to the Forbes website, and that’s just a relatively small slice of the pie when you consider all of the information that is licensed and sold online every day.

So, as you can imagine, the possibilities and sheer number of opportunities to make money with licensed products are almost infinite.

As the screenshot from the Forbes website below illustrates, the E-Learning and Self Education niche is going to make some people very, very rich over the coming months and years ahead.

I know I am going to be one of them, but how about you? 

Previously Forbes had been predicting that E-Learning would grow to a $Billion a day by 2025… However due to the side effects of the recent Covid Pandemic, they are now saying it could hit the $Billion a day, or more, by the end of this year instead. That’s just how fast things are now accelerating.

How Much Of This Huge Opportunity Do You Want?

E-Learning is the future. Market research firm Global Industry Analysts projected “E Learning” would reach $107 Billion in 2015 and it did. Now, Research and Markets forecasts show triple the revenue of 2015 – e-learning will grow to $325 Billion by 2025.

With a home-based Product Licensing Business you can make your fortune in this growing industry (without ever having to create your own products, courses or programs) … And even WITHOUT having any specialist knowledge whatsoever… This is so simple it’s hard to see how anyone could go wrong.

" Excellent, thank you very much, well presented and easy to understand"

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Arthur Ralph

When You Follow Nick’s Simple System, You Can Make More Money Through Licensing In One Year Then You've Probably Made In The Last Ten...

With an information licensing business you can have a life whereby you have the freedom to do what you want, when you want… To have no boss… To have financial independence… To take holidays where you like for as long as you like… To live in the home you want and drive the car you want…

Licensing is without doubt one of the best and quickest ways to move profitably into the information publishing business... And in a way which carries far less risk then producing and testing your own products from scratch. 

Remember, I'm talking about high quality pre-tested products, not the low-grade rubbish you see others trying to palm you off with.

That is definitely NOT the information licensing business at all.

Yet, as I mentioned, so few individuals really know about it because there is little, if anything, written on the subject.

It is truly one of the best-kept secrets in the entrepreneurial world… 

…Which is strange really when you consider how very easy it can be for you to get into this business.

But then again, I suppose that's probably the very reason that those ‘in the know’ … like Nick … have kept so very quiet... until now.

Personally, I think it's a shame little has been published about information licensing because right now, and without you even knowing it, thousands and thousands of dollars are literally passing you by every year

For instance, once Nick understood how important licensing could be for his information business, he started sucking up licenses as quickly as he could. They're everywhere!

The result was that last year became Nick's BIGGEST and most profitable year ever. 


I don't think so. He just simply proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, just how immensely profitable the product licensing business can be.

In fact, just one license generated more money for Nick than the amount he had paid for all his licenses combined.

How To Quickly Make Huge Profits
With Product Licensing...

When Nick thinks back, he realises how foolish he had been to ignore this the first time he saw it. He turned his back on the whole idea of licensing, simply because he didn't understand it properly

I don't want you to make the same mistake. So, pay close attention now!

"You cannot build an empire without good foundations. This package has laid those foundations"

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Graham Sheppard

It's not difficult by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, it's so simple once you have had it explained to you in a straightforward and easy to understand way, there will be no reason why you can't quickly start generating a substantial income from product licensing for yourself.

However, as I said, until now nothing (as far as I know) has really been published about product licensing in any depth. 

This powerful income opportunity has taken Nick years to learn by  ‘trial and error’. Not because it's difficult… but because, as he said, it's really hard to find any information about this process. 

It's generally the kind of stuff being passed around in a small inner-circle of info-entrepreneurs by word of mouth. 

The trouble is that if you're not a part of that circle, you don't get to easily find out about such things.

Nick's New Program Will Allow You
To Make The Easiest Money
You've Ever Made For Years To Come...

As I said, you'll find it difficult, if not impossible, to find this kind of information anywhere. Furthermore, this is real. None of it is theory.

What Nick will be giving you is the simple process he uses every day to make a very healthy profit … A process, remember, which has enabled Nick to bank between $30,000-$40,000 dollars each and every month since he first started doing this just over twenty years ago

Though I haven't got much space in this letter to reveal everything to you, I would like to point out some of the things you'll not only learn, but master from this brand new course.

You'll discover exactly what product licensing is and how very easily you can use this concept to produce large profits for yourself.

You'll be introduced to the jargon-free step-by-step process of licensing. Really, it's a whole lot easier than you probably think. Within a short time you'll fully understand the REAL key to making a great living by licensing simple information products.

You'll discover where to find quality, ready-to-go, proven information products to license. This is the material others just do not tell you about.

Nick will show you precisely how he used licensing to build his business to give him the freedom lifestyle most people can only dream of. 

A process, which you can use as an exact model for your own business.

You'll find out how to get FREE marketing materials with all your information licenses. No writing ... no trying to be creative ... no paying others to write for you. Get powerful ready-made material FREE.

You'll discover what MUST be in the license agreement ... and what should definitely NOT be there. Once again, it's all jargon free.

To increase your profits astronomically, Nick will show you how to create an entire back-end range of products for your business. Don't worry, these aren't products you have to create yourself, but are nothing more than other ready-made licensed products which plug into the first. This information alone could make you a very, very serious income over the next 6-12 months.
Nick will show you how to get your name known around the world with one simple licensing technique. This is probably the most exciting technique, that you probably wouldn't have even considered.

You'll fully understand how to immediately know if there's a market for a product you're interested in, even BEFORE you license it. This is a simple method of practically eliminating risk altogether. Knowledge that is invaluable, yet you won't find readily available.

Nick will also let you into another major licensing secret too ... how to effectively have a BRAND NEW product produced for you at very little cost. This is going to shock and amaze you. Virtually overnight you can be the head of a very respectable and professional information business dealing in extremely high-quality brand products, even though you are a one-person business working from the comfort of your own home.

I Truly Can't Imagine Anyone Who Couldn't Make Money From This In Just A Few Hours A Week

Well, I could go on and on, but I'm sure you are beginning to get the picture. There is so much in Nick's breakthrough home study course ... remarkable information which you'll be discovering for the first time. 

It will show you the real power behind the product licensing business ... it will show you how the major players are able to make so much money from doing little more than licensing information products and marketing them over the Internet and through the post.

In fact, armed with this knowledge, I truly can't imagine anyone who couldn't make money from this. In addition, it's such a very simple business to get into, and it really does open up so many income opportunities, some of which you may not even yet be aware of.

I know Nick has over delivered with this home study course. He has even put in a few extra secrets which his original 'multi-million dollar mentor’ told him in no uncertain terms "you have to leave those out of the final draft"

" ... Fantastic, and a real eye opener. Your package and delivery was concise and inspiring. It was definitely riveting..."

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Wayne Harding

How To Make Even Bigger Profits
From Information Licensing...

Which reminds me of another powerful piece of information Nick will open you up to in the program. A way for you to make even bigger profits from your licensing business... far, far bigger.

How? Well, as I said earlier, there are several types of licenses you can attain. One of these licenses will enable you to work even less than before, while increasing your profits. 

Nick will share a method of running your licensing business without ever advertising or mailing out your offer... without dealing with customers ... without processing any product orders.

Without going into too much detail here, with this type of license you'll be able to sell licenses to others in the information field for several hundred, even thousand, dollars a time. 

Believe me, it's big money and just as easy to get into.

If you don't want to sell your product one at a time and you'd rather make a fast bundle up front, selling licenses yourself (as opposed to buying them) and then letting other people sell the product(s) is an even more profitable option. 

I can't wait for you to learn this. It's extremely easy to launch and maybe the next logical step for you to take once the profits start rolling in from the distribution of your ready-made products.

All in all, this extra information makes The Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course the most incredible home study course you'll likely to come across for a very long time. 

A lot has been written about the information publishing business and I'm sure you may even have bought material in the past about it, but I don't think you'll have seen too much about product licensing... at least not in any detail. 

The truth is that it's just not that easy to get hold of this information.

So, What's The Deal For This Exclusive Product Licensing Formula?

So, what's the deal for this exclusive Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course? Surprisingly a lot, lot less than I bet you're thinking of right now.

In fact, you are going to be very pleasantly surprised ... I guarantee it. Before I tell you however, I should let you know about something else which Nick is including with the programme...

A Free Bonus Licensing Pack Worth $291 Which Includes: 3 Top Quality Ready-To-Go Products To Get You Started...

When Nick put this Product Licensing Formula together, he wanted to do a really good job. He wanted to give you something which would really help you to get started easily in this wonderful business. 

He didn't want you to just have the information ... the knowledge about licensing if you like. 

He wanted you to have EVERYTHING you'd need to get up and running immediately.

So along with the core training material and his licensing formula, he is going to give you the FREE LIFETIME, WORLDWIDE, LICENSING RIGHTS to THREE excellent information products

(And please don't confuse these with low-grade resale rights offers). 

These information products are brand new, real high quality, niche market information products.

They also come complete with everything you need to start making money from them right away. 

(Including: professionally prepared graphics, pre-written sales letters, follow up autoresponder emails, EVERYTHING!)

This means you'll have the full licensing rights to print / make as many copies of these products as you like.

You can sell them either as standalone products, at the recommended retail price of $47, or as premium bonuses, lead generators, extra gifts for people who buy from you ... whatever you like.

You can even use an extra secret technique which is fully explained on page 63 of the course manual to almost guarantee your success with any product you license.

They're yours to use any way you'd like. You'll NOT owe him a penny in royalties or commission. They will become your products to do with as YOU wish.

Will you get rich from these three products? Will you be able to retire next Thursday? Well I want to be quite frank with you, no you won't.... That's not their purpose. However, they will give you an excellent start in licensing.

They can be your first three ready-to-go products, which remember he’s giving to you completely FREE. Three products for you to do whatever you want with... and you haven't paid a single penny for

Now there's not many deals that good in this life.

Okay, Count Me In... But How Much Is The Product Licensing Formula?

Okay, fair enough. So what is the investment for this entire home study course? How much for a program which will teach me all I need to know about the product licensing business PLUS give me the lifetime reprint licenses for not just one but THREE great information products?

Well, I think you’re going to be quite pleasantly surprised. 

As I said earlier, until now it’s just been impossible for the ordinary individual to find out about this. 

Either because of the $1,000+per hour personal tuition fee or because of the $5,000-$8,000 price of a seat at one of his exclusive training workshops. Because of this, the system has simply been out of the reach of most people’s pockets I’m afraid.

That is until now… Because right now and for a short time only, you are able to secure access to Nick’s entire Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course for just $77 (plus $14.95 domestic S&H)

Remember, this is the same system that major corporations and individuals have paid him $1,000+ per hour to learn directly.

Why such a low price?  

Certainly not because of the quality, which is first class by the way… But for two reasons. 

Firstly, because Nick recently decided that he would also like to release access to The Product Licensing Formula Home Study Course to the public… So ‘that the ordinary person in the street’ can get a hold of this information… 

… Rather than just those who have $1,000+ per hour to spare to learn this from him privately. He has stipulated this low $77 price in order to achieve that aim. 

And secondly, because he is also actively seeking some additional ‘switched on entrepreneurs’ who successfully follow this Licensing Formula to become Joint Venture Partners on future projects (where he’ll be splitting the proceeds on a 50-50 basis). Nick’s current thinking is the more people that he can help start a licensing business now, the more Joint Venture opportunities there will be in the future.

To enable this to happen while he remains busy with his private coaching students and his existing joint venture partner projects (not forgetting, making money online using these methods himself)… I volunteered my services to help him to get the word out about this extraordinary opportunity in any way I could, which is why I am writing to you today... 

...To invite you to become one of the first people outside Nick’s private group of VIP students to gain access and start making money with this unique Product Licensing Formula.

The product licenses Nick has included in this package alone are worth a lot more than this, but Nick has got so many projects on the go at the moment, that he is more than happy to enable you to get your hands on the Product Licensing Formula Home Study Courses at the massively reduced price of just $77 (plus $14.95 domestic S&H).

Often low price means low quality, we both know that, but very occasionally you do get incredible value ... this just happens to be one of those times.

Honestly, it’s a great deal, and I'm sure you already appreciate that, but if you are still unsure about either the quality or the licensing business itself, why not listen to the comments a few of his private students have made who have heard him speak in person about licensing:

"One of the most clear cut presentations on how you can get yourself up and running with a product to sell, without getting bogged down - especially if you are a beginner... The lack of BS and 'filler content' was EXTREMELY refreshing"

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Hayden Sullivan

"Very well produced... very professional..."

choose your image

Mrs Sheelagh Ruse

"Thank you for introducing me to this Nick... one product I just licensed from a guy in the States has already generated me over £1,000 and I have only just started out in the licensing business... here's to ongoing success in this business"

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Bill Hopkins

"Extremely good value for money and very professionally presented..."

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Peter Heywood

I could show you many more, but I just haven't got room to put them. Anyway, I don't want to try to convince you about the validity of this business. I don't have to ... the fact is that licensing works ... AND I MEAN REALLY WORKS! It is a proven and powerful way to make money.

In a minute I'll tell you exactly what you have to do to get your hands on this exclusive money-making package.

But before I forget, let me tell you about TWO EXTRA BONUSES Nick has also created to accompany the Product Licensing Formula core training manual.

FREE Extra  Bonus One:
Product Licensing Formula Keynote Presentation Video

Captured LIVE on Video -

The full and unedited 60-minute keynote presentation Nick recently made from stage at a private $997 a seat live event for Information Publishers and Online Marketers about ‘Product Licensing'.

During the presentation Nick fully explained the licensing concept from scratch and how you can quickly use licensing to L-E-V-E-R-A-G-E any business into a much stronger position than you would ever have thought possible.

One person Nick mentions during this presentation used this exact licensing technique and ended up becoming one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet!

Believe me, you do not want to miss out on watching this video recording and because you can't get it anywhere else… it’s worth the price of the package alone.

FREE Extra  Bonus Two:
Quick-Start Accessory Pack

In addition to the Product Licensing Formula manual; you will also receive an additional package of high value resources to really help you to hit the ground running and making maximum money with licensing in the minimal amount of time possible. Including:

Special Report: An additional 12-page report titled “How to Make Even More Sales of Your Licensed Products!which will take you through an additional 3-step marketing process and could quickly DOUBLE your financial results. 

Cheat Sheet: An ‘at-a-glance-summary’ of the entire Product Licensing Formula in the form of a professionally laid out Infographic which you can put up on the wall in your home office. 

Looking at this once-a-day could be all it takes to keep you on track just like it does for me. To the point remember, where Nick is consistently generating between $30,000 - $40,000 per month. 

How would you feel if you had that type of money coming into your bank account each month too?

Printable Checklist: Never miss a single step of this profitable licensing strategy by checking off each step as you go. Running more than one licensing project at a time? No problem, you can print off as many copies of this handy checklist as often as you like.

Glossary Of Terms: Like any business, the product licensing business also has its own unique language. This handy 1-sheet jargon buster will help you to cut through any unfamiliar terms and have you sounding like a seasoned professional in no time at all. 

Secret Approach Fill-In-the-Blanks Template: On page 53 of the Product Licensing Formula  core training manual, Nick explains a very simple yet amazingly effective technique to find new and untapped licensing opportunities. No one else does this, but you will be able to put it to work immediately just by filling-in-the-blanks. 

As you can see, this quick start pack is packed with some handy accessories and resources to help you get started with your new product licensing business in the shortest amount of time. 

If Nick were to sell these additional items separately (or offer them as an upsell)... he could easily ask for an additional $97…

… But, instead, Nick would rather give you everything you need in one handy package and include these extra items with his compliments … As a free fast-action bonus, for taking prompt action and securing your copy of the Product Licensing Formula today (and certainly within the next 3 days).

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